Woderful White Sand Beach in Lampung

Woderful White Sand Beach in Lampung - woderful lampung island - woderful white sand beach - Lampung is a province on the southern island of Sumatra, Indonesia. To the north is bordered by Bengkulu and South Sumatra.

Provincial capital of Bandar Lampung Lampung which is a combination of twin towns and Telukbetung Tandjungkarang have a relatively wide region, and holds the potential of marine. The main harbor and port named Port of Long Bakauheni fishing port as well as the Fish Market (Telukbetung), EVAL, and Kalianda in Lampung Bay.

Woderful White Sand Beach in Lampung
White Sand Beach in Lampung

The weekend is a great time for vacation. One of the attractions for your time this weekend is the White Sand Beach in Lampung. The tranquility and beauty will fill your weekend with a full cheerful.

Its location is not far from Bandar Lampung, which is in the village of EVAL, Lampung Selatang. Only 20 kilometers and takes 20 minutes by car from the city of Bandar Lampung. The beach was beautiful and riveting. that will make you forget about fatigue this week.

White Sand Beach is really describe the atmosphere and refreshes the eyes and tempt your soul. Nature is amazing and the location is just 20 kilometers from the city of Bandar Lampung to make this beach as a mainstay attractions in Lampung. White Sand Beach is located in the village of EVAL, South Lampung. Can be reached by car about 30 minutes.

White Sand Beach has sea water bluish green that blends harmoniously with subtle and beautiful white sand beaches along the banks. No one if it looks like a painting beach stunning natural. Your arrival at this beach location, beautiful scenery welcome your arrival. Makes you not wait to walk on the white sand and clean. Because of its beauty, this beach is never empty of visitors. On weekends or on holidays, laughter boys who play will be increasingly felt. Not only from Lampung, many travelers who come from outside the city such as Jakarta. Even a few foreign tourists are often seen here.

For the lovers of photography, White Sands will be a hunting paradise remarkable. Step quiet sun returned to the western horizon became a highly anticipated moment to be enjoyed and perpetuated. It was an unforgettable experience.

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