Tips for Dealing with Wedding What Not Happy

"Tips for Dealing with Wedding What Not Happy" -  Married for love, marry the loved one, but why you are unhappy marriage?

Not everyone managed to maintain her romance to keep warm and lasting. Some, faced problems in the first years, even the desire for a divorce often appear. No wonder that the divorce rate is very high at this time.

I wonder what I have in mind that the word divorce as a solution that is the best in the relationship. However, if given some time ago, it is very sweet and looks perfect. How could the love that went huh?

Actual fact, the love never left. Love just fade and pressed boredom is so great, that someone is at the point where he felt cornered and wanted to go to escape.

The question of happiness, which is always a problem for couples and caused not a few people and then give up. Feeling that he was not happy, then hope that happiness can be found in other places, with different people.

The reality though is never easy. Not all missed as expected, and not all expectations can be met. When people think that happiness is something that is acquired for free, then he should open the eyes wide.

What should you do when you are caught up in this issue?

Stop the game about happiness
There is no happiness obtained free of charge, all the happiness that is created through a process of long and hard struggle. If you still think that your household at no happiness, then you have to correct themselves and begin to create the happiness-happiness.

emotional bond
Marriage began to feel unhappy when the emotional bond is lost. Everyone is busy with their respective own activities, there is no time for casual chatting, and there is no activity that can unite the family. No wonder that others are all accustomed to slow yourself right?

Thought for the family
Never selfish when the stakes are a family affair. What you think is not necessarily true, so it is better to prioritize all family affairs, not merely your own self satisfaction.

Not all advice is good
Not all of the advice given by others is good and should be done. Listen to your heart, and what it is supposed to strive to regain a relationship that had once been warm.

Often, the advice of others instead mislead and alienate you from family. For this reason, it is better to be careful in making a decision yes.

Moreover, do not involve a third person in your relationship so that the problem is more easily solved and does not make you or your partner getting away. [SUMBER]

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