The World's Most Unique Hotel's Design

The World's Most Unique Hotel's Design - Want to know some of the most unique hotels in the world of design? in this article will share 4 design arsiteki most unique hotels in the world that may be the means of your vacation destination with your family, including the following, 
The World's Most Unique Hotel's Design
1. Hotel salts / Hotel Garam
The World's Most Unique Hotel's Design
Unique, this hotel is designed by using materials of salt, this unique hotel is built by utilizing nearly one million blocks of salt, with a height of 3,650 meters above sea level the walls, floor, ceiling, and even some furniture such as chairs, tables, and beds, made of salt. The hotel has 16 rooms, a dry sauna, steam room, bath salts, salt beds, whirlpool, massage room, and a nine-hole golf course 
Acio de Sal (salt means palace) is a hotel and spa in Bolivia, walls and furniture are all made ​​of salt. Having investigated further, it turns out the hotel is located in the Great Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flats in the world which spans 10,582 square miles. 
Building a new hotel built in 2007, after the previous salt hotel (built between 1993-1995) is closed due to sanitation problems. Now the problem has been resolved with good sanitation. So, a new salt hotel could operate until whenever.

 2.    Hotel Terapung
The World's Most Unique Hotel's Design
Cruise ship named the M / V Aria presents the concept of a floating hotel, this hotel offers an overnight adventure on the Amazon river, Peru. This floating hotel introduced by a company called Aqua Expeditions by Peruvian architect designed by Jordi Puig called to make a yacht that can accommodate a maximum of 32 passengers and some crew. 
A unique accommodation and offers a rare experience to enjoy the wonders of the Amazon River. Unobstructed anything. Passengers are also offered some facilities, such as a gym, indoor and outdoor lounges, and rooms with superb views. 
If you are interested for the above berpetuaang river cruises up the Amazon with this, of course, this package is not cheap, you have to spend you around USD 5,670 or USD 54 million per couple for 3 night stay package.

3.    Sun Cruise Hotel / Hotel kapal pesiar
The World's Most Unique Hotel's Design
Luxury hotel shaped yacht named Sun Cruise Hotel is a hotel that has a shape similar to a cruise ship, interestingly, the hotel is a cursory look like a magnificent cruise ship stranded on the edge of the cliff. 
The design concept was created in 2002 for the tourists who do not have the funds to set sail on a luxury. The yacht-like hotel has 211 rooms, and is equipped with western-style condominiums, korean restaurant, sky lounges, nightclubs, karaoke, volleyball court, fitness clubs, parks and even golf special this yacht has an ocean of water, this boat is designed with has a length of about 65 meters, a height of 45 meters and weigh up to 30,000 tons, 
To make the visitors really feel like being on a cruise ship, the hotel makes engineering the sound of birds and waves crashing against the deck. So no wonder, if now Sun Cruise Hotel became one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Korea. If you intend a vacation to south korea do not stop at the hotel to this one, because in terms of the price you might be able to spend these funds, because the price of this yacht permalam hotels including cheap about 80,000 South Korean won, or about USD 713 118 / night.

4.    Manned Cloud by Jean-Marie Massaud
The World's Most Unique Hotel's Design
This is one of the unique hotels then, can you imagine a hotel with the design concept as a special aircraft created as place to stay, you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant while flying in the sky. The Cloud Mannd as winners Etoile du Design 2008 APCI Observateur. 
4 Similarly, the design of the most unique hotels in the world that has been summarized arsiteki team, actually there are many several designs the most unique hotels in the world that you can searching on the internet via search engines. 

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