Wonderful Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve

Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve - krakatau islands - nature reserve - Natural Heritage - Ancient Mount Krakatau - History records a major disaster in 1883 when Mount Krakatoa erupted explosively and climatic conditions affect the world. This disaster also has formed volcanic islands now known as Krakatau Islands, which include Big Rakata or Krakatoa, or Krakatau Length Small, Sertung, and Anak Krakatau.

Outstanding natural heritage is located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra. Administratively, the Krakatau is located in the districts Rajabasa, South Lampung, Lampung province. Information can be found in transportation accessibility.

Wonderful Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve
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Krakatau Islands is currently regarded as a giant natural laboratory, covering an area of ​​13735.10 hectares, consists of 11,200 acres of the sea, and 2535.10 acres of land.
Krakatau Islands have a land geology, biology and volcanology are important for research. For tourists, the scenery and incredible vilkanik activity of existing islands adalahtempat that deserves to be explored. The terms and procedures for entering this sanctuary can be found at the tips.

Wonderful Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve
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Walking in the still active volcano is sure to be one of the sensation. You see Mount Anak Krakatau bias that is naturally formed in 1927ini still lava and other material that continues to grow each year.
Marine environment around the island also offers a special attraction because it has no less than 50 spesiesikan and unspoiled coral reefs.

Islands around Krakatoa was declared Dutch government as a nature reserve since 1919 with an area of ​​2405.10 hectares. Krakatau Islands then put Ujung Kulon National Park in 1984 In 1990, the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation of the Ministry of Forestry to move to the Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve Conservation of Natural Resources or Natural Resources Conservation Office of Lampung. It aims to protect and maintain the integrity of this region as an important conservation area for science and education.
In 1991, UNESCO recognized Ujung Kulon National Park and the Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve as a World Natural Heritage.

Culinary in krakatau islands nature reserve

On the Nature Reserve area, no restaurants or food stalls, so you have to prepare your own meals and other necessities before your departure to the location. Logistics can be collected in Kalianda or Sebesi Island.

Wonderful Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve

Krakatau Islands are accessible from the island of Sumatra and Java. Of Sumatra, the main access is from Bandar Lampung, the capital of Lampung, while from Java, accessible from the capital Jakarta and Banten province through.
From Bandar Lampung
From Bandar Lampung you can use the bus from Terminal Rajabasa or length direction Kalianda, South Lampung regency with long travel for approximately 45 minutes. There you can continue the journey by public transport mini bus for about 10 minutes to the village of Canti. Then continue the journey to the dock and then hire a fast boat (Jetfoil) or regular motor boat. If you use a fast boat it takes about 90 minutes to get to the Krakatau Islands nature reserve. While using a regular motor boat, a trip of about 150 minutes.
from Jakarta
Fastest way from Jakarta is by renting a yacht Jetfoil or from Tanjung Priok port directly to the Krakatau Islands. You can also take public transportation routes by bus from Terminal Kalideres to Merak Port in Banten around 1,5jam. Your use of the port of Merak ferry crossing the Sunda Strait to Port Bakauheni in Sumatra. Depending on weather and traffic conditions, the ferry ride will take about 1 to 2 hours. From Port Bakauheni you can hire a public transport to PelabuhanTanjung Bomb. From Cape Bomb you can find Sabesi hire a boat to the island as a transit point before heading to the island of Krakatoa. From island to island Krakatoa Sabesi takes about 2 hours boat ride.


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