Best Destinations for Chasing Sunrise

Best Destinations for Chasing Sunrise - Destinations - Sunrise -  HUNTING sunrise is one of the reasons that make people traveled to one place. Whether at a height such as a mountain or a beach facing toward the sunrise, could be an interesting place for tourists or photographers to see the sunrise.

If you are a connoisseur and hunter sunrise, you should look at some destinations in the world that has the best view of the sun, as quoted from Lonelyplanet, Sunday (05/10/2014).

Best Destinations for Chasing Sunrise

Mount Batur, Bali 
At the top of the second highest mountain in Bali which is located in the district of Kintamani is the view of the sun on the eastern horizon can be quite amazing. Trips can be arranged from Ubud, with a pick-up that started at 2-3 in the morning.

Best Destinations for Chasing Sunrise

Uluru, Australia 
The most amazing natural wonders in central Australia can be found from the rising sun sights. You have to get there about four o'clock in the morning to get to see the sunrise and the red rock of Uluru changing color like burning.

Inle Lake, Myanmar 
After spending the night in a house on stilts in the lake Inle wide, you will be treated to the beauty of a spectacular sunrise without having to get out of your stay. Mountains in the background plus people who move in the morning can be a good friend.

Bryce Canyon, USA 
Bryce Canyon Sunrise Point offers views of the morning that you can not forget. Unique rock formations graceful glow shine when the sun rises. Epic scenery can be seen all over Bryce Canyon National Park.

Mount Fuji, Japan 
Climb the highest mountain in Japan is not easy. July-August is a good time to climb Mount Fuji is not snowing. Sunrise view you can see when climbing, as in the popular Yoshida incline track, can you compare with other sunrise view.

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