Exotic Places And Regions Of Interest Mount Bromo

Exotic Places And Regions Of Interest Mount Bromo - Has been will no doubt, Mount Semeru has a climbing lane with incredible natural scenery beautiful. The most popular mountains among hikers this is never quiet. Its beauty seemed to be a strong attraction to bring in more visitors, even though not a mountain climber. Many places of interest would you flown during climb Mount Semeru, including 3 below:

Ranu Kumbolo

Exotic Places And Regions Of Interest Mount Bromo
ranu kumbolo

Ranu Kumbolo was mentioned as a paradise of Mount Semeru. This place is one of the lake water contained in the Mount Semeru. Ranu Kumbolo also be a delightful place for camping. Want morning or evening, Ranu Kumbolo still offers charm. In the morning at sunrise, you can see a charming blend of between fog, lake, and the reflection of sunlight. While the evening, if the weather is clear you can see the moon and stars aligned above berpantulan lake water. Do not forget to bring warm clothes yes because the air temperature can reach 0 degrees Celsius, you know. There are 2 paths to reach the climbing Kumbolo Ranu, that is via Watu Rejeng and Hill Ayek-Ayek. Watu Rejeng many paths selected by hikers because the course is relatively easier but take longer. While the Hill Path field Ayek-Ayek have more severe because the road is uphill, but with a faster travel time. Interestingly before getting to Ranu Kumbolo we will first pass through the green hills which are also called love inclines. According to the myth, if there are climbers who climb without stopping until the end of the ramp, then love will be eternal.


Exotic Places And Regions Of Interest Mount Bromo

Another exciting place for camping is Kalimati. Kalimati is the last campground before continuing the journey to the summit of Mahameru. On this place you will be presented with a view of a vast grassland at the edge of the pine forest. Around 500 meters from Kalimati also a source of abundant water. Many climbers are resting in this place and back to climb to the summit at midnight. It is intended to be able to see the sunrise on arriving at the summit. These Kalimati journey toward relatively easier because of declining. Location in the valley area near the hills tend to make the air fresher Kalimati. From Kalimati you can see the towering Mahameru.

Puncak Mahameru

Exotic Places And Regions Of Interest Mount Bromo
puncak mahameru

Gunung Semeru is the highest a mountain in Java. Therefore, a complete lack of taste if not set foot in the the highest peak the island of Java. Beautiful scenery in the Peak Mahameru maybe will never forget you for life. If the weather support, from over of this peak you can see the stunning sea of ​​clouds. Be a pity if not captured by camera However, Mahameru peak is also famous for its ferocity. At the top of Mahameru (Sumeru) climbers are advised not to reach the crater the unique Saloko Jonggring every 10-15 minutes once preceded volcanic rock spewing smoke. Climbers also banned climbing on the south side, because of the presence of toxic gas called wedhus trash. You do not have to worry about getting lost during a climb to Mount Semeru. There are many facilities available, such as the direction of the board instructions that guide you during the trip. Besides exotic, Mount Semeru also holds many mystical stories. Belief, should we still be polite and do not disturb anything while doing the climb. Ready to conquer Mahameru? Welcome to climb Mount Semeru ...

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